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SymbolStandard NameClose PriceShares OutstandingMarket CapPE RatioPB RatioCash Per ShareCash Net Debt per Share
AOIAlliance One International Inc15.60000090226621407535272.68500.517729.33-120.02
FPHFive Point Holdings LLC11.0700006630094773395149126.47961.230011.743.28
KODKEastman Kodak Co4.950000426545272111399084.66986.59817.34-2.11
XINXinyuan Real Estate Co Ltd4.8400006478933831358039511.52380.438212.56-46.55
SNSanchez Energy Corp4.030000851724083432448046.46-21.61
HOSHornbeck Offshore Services Inc3.290000374952051233592247.31110.08824.56-24.30
SDLPSeadrill Partners LLC3.250000918216002984201993.67650.23089.36-26.69
MNManning & Napier Inc3.050000153256884674334816.05260.29164.535.30
UTIUniversal Technical Institute Inc3.02000025185474760601310.50213.271.57
WMLPWestmoreland Resource Partners LP1.7000001284840218422814.885329.18-223.87
AVPAvon Products Inc1.59000044168031570227170043.18771.75-2.55
GSLGlobal Ship Lease Inc1.30000055015690715203970.27931.66-5.61
CGAChina Green Agriculture Inc1.16290038896945452332571.81700.10223.953.71
NMNavios Maritime Holdings Inc0.9200001247092801147325370.24080.96-12.44
ANWAegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc0.80320040640422326423862.23110.05451.84-19.72
SDRLSeadrill Ltd0.3688005044442801860390490.02842.67-15.82
PKDParker Drilling Co0.348100139385824485202050.18210.85-3.30
JONEJones Energy Inc0.343500102813564353164580.09922.25-7.50
SymbolStandard NameClose PriceShares OutstandingMarket CapPE RatioPB RatioCash Per ShareCash Net Debt per Share
LEXEALiberty Expedia Holdings Inc45.4000005727600025986041001.009861.86-23.05
LEXEBLiberty Expedia Holdings Inc44.7900005727600025986041000.996361.86-23.05
TRMTTremont Mortgage Trust12.01000031429393774669719.29
CBIOCatalyst Biosciences Inc10.370000119351691237677020.866410.600.46
SCPHscPharmaceuticals Inc5.560000185423341030953771.05265.895.37
KBSFKBS Fashion Group Ltd4.8499002271299110155730.072111.1010.37
ZAIS.DLZAIS Group Holdings Inc4.09000014818332606069771.62964.093.41
EVKEver-Glory International Group Inc3.75000014795992554849704.51810.55424.411.59
CXDCChina XD Plastics Co Ltd3.650000497277311815062185.88710.23837.93-8.55
GIGMGigaMedia Ltd2.960000110522353271461532.88890.53925.625.77
RTTRRitter Pharmaceuticals Inc2.8900005019639145067561.08453.77
OPHTOphthotech Corp2.71000036188161980699160.67583.49294.285.82
APWCAsia Pacific Wire & Cable Corp Ltd2.55000013819669352401554.04760.22983.340.35
PDLIPDL BioPharma Inc2.4200001516406563669703873.55880.43532.671.89
ABACRenmin Tianli Group Inc2.25000099837452246342613.56590.23796.626.40
NVIVInVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp1.870000156501929265850.35167.426.95
CREGChina Recycling Energy Corp1.6800008310198139611320.06566.400.05
CYCCCyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc1.50000011997447179961700.88241.810.96
GUREGulf Resources Inc1.390000468037916505726928.40000.16875.065.00
DAREDare Bioscience Inc1.32000011422161150772520.95301.370.66
FLKSFlex Pharma Inc1.12000018013532201751550.92171.22
EDGEEdge Therapeutics Inc1.11000031246231346833160.78332.401.73
TOPSTOP Ships Inc1.08000016973617183315060.17281.42-4.71
ICONIconix Brand Group Inc0.67000066109592442934260.79-10.68
AMCNAirMedia Group Inc0.66000062814889414578270.18580.861.38
SymbolStandard NameClose PriceShares OutstandingMarket CapPE RatioPB RatioCash Per ShareCash Net Debt per Share
HMGHMG/Courtland Properties Inc14.1500001013292143380812.95410.634219.5918.27
LEUCentrus Energy Corp3.3800009038751305509786.500016.96-0.22
SymbolStandard NameClose PriceShares OutstandingMarket CapPE RatioPB RatioCash Per ShareCash Net Debt per Share
MNTRoyal Canadian Mint17.830000400023651.7511260.75
MNSRoyal Canadian Mint13.040000400023651.7511260.75
TRZTransat A.T. Inc8.010000374368402998690881.69250.513824.1313.76
CFCanaccord Genuity Group Inc7.150000113522629811686797238.33331.27687.606.40
GMPGMP Capital Inc3.000000781762712339104261.29167.146.54
ARZAralez Pharmaceuticals Inc0.54000067194277357796001.85730.65-3.43
KRNKarnalyte Resources Inc0.38000028116000106840800.62670.400.89
TLB.DLTearLab Corp0.3300001021699836895650.73-2.15
CXRConcordia International Corp0.30000051283800153851406.70-65.51
LGQ.DLLogiq Asset Management Ltd.0.01000032711507132711500.47070.010.00
SymbolStandard NameClose PriceShares OutstandingMarket CapPE RatioPB RatioCash Per ShareCash Net Debt per Share
AWIAdvent-AWI Holdings Inc1.04000011935513124129338.45530.69251.060.11
AB.HAsbestos Corp Ltd0.800000283700222696015.28370.83-8.07
BCO.HBritish Controlled Oilfields Ltd0.65000040685630.85
ICLItasca Capital Ltd0.62000021810626135225882.21430.56930.63
CZQ.HContinental Precious Minerals Inc0.42000011706896491689663.42490.86900.48
NIRNoble Iron Inc0.2950002741747980881560.78400.350.42
BFFNevada Energy Metals Inc0.20000046891539378301.01520.47590.31
ACE.HACE Aviation Holdings Inc0.1850003247500060078750.352.19
UC.HUC Resources Ltd0.150000299503640.16-0.01
CUOCopper One Inc0.1250003419010942737631.30940.83760.140.01
CBVCobra Venture Corp0.0950001590374815108560.45950.14-0.01
BOEGrowMax Resources Corp0.095000213925645203229360.24660.180.26
FPFP Newspapers Inc0.09000069025926212330.10460.10-15.71
RRR.UNR&R Real Estate Investment Trust0.0900003239430429154870.27480.20-0.66
POCPacific Iron Ore Corp0.08000067378585390280.22200.120.13
BATBatero Gold Corp0.06500011518238374868540.38360.08
NOL.HKnol Resources Corp0.0600005569646933417880.93730.071.43
KHA.HKnighthawk Inc0.050000118498535924920.77650.080.11
PDQPetrodorado Energy Ltd0.0500002327426811637130.73400.05
EUOEurocontrol Technics Group Inc0.0450009075023840837600.35910.060.02
AVTAlloycorp Mining Inc0.045000740091710.06-2.12
SDV.HSumtra Diversified Inc0.04000062374000.04
PPV.HP&P Ventures Inc0.04000049399971975990.55230.08-0.05
XAGXtierra Inc0.04000013481305753925220.07-5.43
TVR.HTri-River Ventures Inc0.035000266954310.040.09
  • NYS
  • NAS
  • ASE
  • TSE
  • TSX
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateBuyOut PerformHoldUnder PerformSellNo OpinionMean RatingPrev Mean RatingMean Label
SOLNYSReneSola Ltd2018-6-210010003.00001.0000Hold
AMCNYSAMC Entertainment Holdings Inc2018-6-212010004.33333.6667Outperform
FCXNYSFreeport-McMoRan Inc2018-6-210041002.80002.4000Hold
AEONYSAmerican Eagle Outfitters Inc2018-6-212020004.00003.6667Outperform
WLKNYSWestlake Chemical Corp2018-6-213010103.80003.5000Outperform
VALENYSVale SA2018-6-213021103.42863.1429Hold
JWNNYSNordstrom Inc2018-6-213040103.50003.2500Hold
PPLNYSPPL Corp2018-6-216000005.00004.8333Buy
UAANYSUnder Armour Inc2018-6-210060202.50002.4286Underperform
UANYSUnder Armour Inc2018-6-210060202.50002.4286Underperform
TPRNYSTapestry Inc2018-6-217020004.55564.5000Buy
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateBuyOut PerformHoldUnder PerformSellNo OpinionMean RatingPrev Mean RatingMean Label
LGNDNASLigand Pharmaceuticals Inc2018-6-213000104.00003.6667Outperform
No Data
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateBuyOut PerformHoldUnder PerformSellNo OpinionMean RatingPrev Mean RatingMean Label
CLQTSEClean TeQ Holdings Ltd2018-6-211210004.00003.6667Outperform
CUF.UNTSECominar Real Estate Investment Trust2018-6-213050003.75003.5714Outperform
HR.UNTSEH&R Real Estate Investment Trust2018-6-214130004.12504.0000Outperform
No Data
  • NYS
  • NAS
  • ASE
  • TSE
  • TSX
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateBuyOut PerformHoldUnder PerformSellNo OpinionMean RatingPrev Mean RatingMean Label
GCINYSGannett Co Inc2018-6-210010003.00004.0000Hold
BURLNYSBurlington Stores Inc2018-6-214000104.20005.0000Outperform
WLKPNYSWestlake Chemical Partners LP2018-6-212010004.33335.0000Outperform
COTVNYSCotiviti Holdings Inc2018-6-210030003.00003.6667Hold
CRINYSCarter's Inc2018-6-212010004.33335.0000Outperform
RLNYSRalph Lauren Corp2018-6-212021103.16673.6000Hold
TJXNYSTJX Companies Inc2018-6-216030104.00004.4000Outperform
PVHNYSPVH Corp2018-6-213030004.00004.2000Outperform
NKENYSNike Inc2018-6-215050004.00004.2000Outperform
HBINYSHanesbrands Inc2018-6-212030003.80004.0000Outperform
KORSNYSMichael Kors Holdings Ltd2018-6-215020104.00004.1429Outperform
FLNYSFoot Locker Inc2018-6-215020104.00004.1429Outperform
VFCNYSVF Corp2018-6-214040004.00004.1429Outperform
LBNYSL Brands Inc2018-6-216040004.20004.3333Outperform
KSSNYSKohl's Corp2018-6-211061102.88893.0000Hold
WCNNYSWaste Connections Inc2018-6-217121004.27274.3333Outperform
CAENYSCAE Inc2018-6-212240003.75003.7778Outperform
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateBuyOut PerformHoldUnder PerformSellNo OpinionMean RatingPrev Mean RatingMean Label
RARENASUltragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc2018-6-212020004.00004.5000Outperform
PRTANASProthena Corp PLC2018-6-211030003.50003.8000Hold
AMCXNASAMC Networks Inc2018-6-212130203.12503.3750Hold
No Data
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateBuyOut PerformHoldUnder PerformSellNo OpinionMean RatingPrev Mean RatingMean Label
DNATSEDalradian Resources Inc2018-6-213300203.62504.5000Outperform
DIR.UNTSEDream Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust2018-6-212320004.00004.1250Outperform
DOLTSEDollarama Inc2018-6-215410004.40004.5000Outperform
WCNTSEWaste Connections Inc2018-6-217121004.27274.3333Outperform
YGRTSEYangarra Resources Ltd2018-6-215500004.50004.5556Outperform
CAETSECAE Inc2018-6-212240003.75003.7778Outperform
AX.UNTSEArtis Real Estate Investment Trust2018-6-211090003.20003.2222Hold
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateBuyOut PerformHoldUnder PerformSellNo OpinionMean RatingPrev Mean RatingMean Label
PRV.UNTSXPRO Real Estate Investment Trust2018-6-212010004.33335.0000Outperform
SILTSXSilverCrest Metals Inc2018-6-213200004.60004.7500Buy
  • NYS
  • NAS
  • ASE
  • TSE
  • TSX
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
DHCPNYSDitech Holding Corp530.0427152018-6-22YTD
INYSIntelsat SA420.0589972018-6-22YTD
BXCNYSBlueLinx Holdings Inc284.3237702018-6-22YTD
EGYNYSVAALCO Energy Inc270.1047202018-6-22YTD
GENNYSGenesis Healthcare Inc260.4666402018-6-22YTD
VNCENYSVince Holding Corp160.2584812018-6-22YTD
SKYNYSSkyline Champion Corp148.0452142018-6-22YTD
THCNYSTenet Healthcare Corp141.4248022018-6-22YTD
ENVANYSEnova International Inc140.1315792018-6-22YTD
TWLONYSTwilio Inc134.1101692018-6-22YTD
SDTNYSSandRidge Mississippian Trust I131.3559322018-6-22YTD
WTWNYSWeight Watchers International Inc127.1906052018-6-22YTD
MEDNYSMedifast Inc122.4466412018-6-22YTD
WWENYSWorld Wrestling Entertainment Inc120.3400922018-6-22YTD
CRCNYSCalifornia Resources Corp119.7016462018-6-22YTD
WTINYSW&T Offshore Inc114.1993962018-6-22YTD
DNRNYSDenbury Resources Inc113.5746612018-6-22YTD
ZYMENYSZymeworks Inc111.3761182018-6-22YTD
CVNANYSCarvana Co111.0878662018-6-22YTD
WLLNYSWhiting Petroleum Corp109.4410882018-6-22YTD
GPRKNYSGeoPark Ltd102.6236132018-6-22YTD
MYOVNYSMyovant Sciences Ltd94.6202532018-6-22YTD
SDRNYSSandRidge Mississippian Trust II94.1964292018-6-22YTD
SMHINYSSeacor Marine Holdings Inc91.5384622018-6-22YTD
TWTRNYSTwitter Inc91.0870472018-6-22YTD
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
HEARNASTurtle Beach Corp1090.9492272018-6-22YTD
TNDMNASTandem Diabetes Care Inc880.9322032018-6-22YTD
NIHDNASNII Holdings Inc734.3153432018-6-22YTD
LGCYNASLegacy Reserves LP337.8881992018-6-22YTD
FOSLNASFossil Group Inc298.9703992018-6-22YTD
ARWRNASArrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc260.3260872018-6-22YTD
IMTENASIntegrated Media Technology Ltd233.7477802018-6-22YTD
ECYTNASEndocyte Inc222.1962622018-6-22YTD
MDGLNASMadrigal Pharmaceuticals Inc217.3003602018-6-22YTD
NVTRNASNuvectra Corp196.5206192018-6-22YTD
AMTXNASAemetis Inc190.9090912018-6-22YTD
ARQLNASArqule Inc188.4848482018-6-22YTD
RFILNASRF Industries Ltd182.2222222018-6-22YTD
SSTINASShotSpotter Inc181.9928832018-6-22YTD
MRTXNASMirati Therapeutics Inc181.3698632018-6-22YTD
AKERNASAkers Biosciences Inc179.8507462018-6-22YTD
ENPHNASEnphase Energy Inc174.6887972018-6-22YTD
VKTXNASViking Therapeutics Inc172.9064042018-6-22YTD
XENENASXenon Pharmaceuticals Inc172.5663722018-6-22YTD
NFECNASNF Energy Saving Corp169.0721652018-6-22YTD
CASMNASCAS Medical Systems Inc167.5672172018-6-22YTD
CRSPNASCRISPR Therapeutics AG167.3764912018-6-22YTD
SNESNASSenesTech Inc166.6666672018-6-22YTD
CFRXNASContraFect Corp155.4455452018-6-22YTD
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
TRXCASETransEnterix Inc147.6683942018-6-22YTD
BPMXASEBioPharmX Corp110.8892922018-6-22YTD
FTNWASEFTE Networks Inc107.7620972018-6-22YTD
PFNXASEPfenex Inc106.7669172018-6-22YTD
INSASEIntelligent Systems Corp106.1403512018-6-22YTD
ENSVASEEnservco Corp91.0234512018-6-22YTD
REEDASEReed's Inc90.3225812018-6-22YTD
SENSASESenseonics Holdings Inc84.5864662018-6-22YTD
UAMYASEUnited States Antimony Corp81.9375002018-6-22YTD
BDRASEBlonder Tongue Laboratories Inc76.5385252018-6-22YTD
CVMASECEL-SCI Corp74.6216532018-6-22YTD
AMBOASEAmbow Education Holding Ltd62.8571432018-6-22YTD
TMQASETrilogy Metals Inc61.4678902018-6-22YTD
BVXASEBovie Medical Corp58.0769232018-6-22YTD
GOROASEGold Resource Corp56.0985232018-6-22YTD
IECASEIEC Electronics Corp54.3689322018-6-22YTD
MHHASEMastech Digital Inc53.4791252018-6-22YTD
TRXASETanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp52.8057552018-6-22YTD
EPMASEEvolution Petroleum Corp52.5547452018-6-22YTD
ZOMASEZomedica Pharmaceuticals Corp50.7258112018-6-22YTD
AKGASEAsanko Gold Inc50.1203802018-6-22YTD
DXRASEDaxor Corp45.6438072018-6-22YTD
INFUASEInfuSystems Holdings Inc43.4782612018-6-22YTD
COHNASECohen & Co Inc43.1421452018-6-22YTD
BGSFASEBG Staffing Inc40.2133002018-6-22YTD
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
CORVTSECorrevio Pharma Corp151.8324612018-6-22YTD
ZYMETSEZymeworks Inc124.5005262018-6-22YTD
PMNTSEProMIS Neurosciences Inc105.0000002018-6-22YTD
MEGTSEMEG Energy Corp98.8326852018-6-22YTD
APSTSEAptose Biosciences Inc93.8848922018-6-22YTD
GOOSTSECanada Goose Holdings Inc92.9236972018-6-22YTD
TGZTSETeranga Gold Corp79.5986622018-6-22YTD
THTSETheratechnologies Inc78.6908082018-6-22YTD
MAXTSEMidas Gold Corp77.9661022018-6-22YTD
AZTSEArizona Mining Inc77.4566472018-6-22YTD
HNLTSEHorizon North Logistics Inc75.3246752018-6-22YTD
BBD.ATSEBombardier Inc73.7704922018-6-22YTD
BBD.BTSEBombardier Inc73.2673272018-6-22YTD
CFXTSECanfor Pulp Products Inc72.9962552018-6-22YTD
TLOTSETalon Metals Corp72.7272732018-6-22YTD
AJXTSEAgJunction Inc72.5490202018-6-22YTD
AIITSEAlmonty Industries Inc70.9090912018-6-22YTD
VMDTSEViemed Healthcare Inc70.8000002018-6-22YTD
SHOPTSEShopify Inc70.0652982018-6-22YTD
TSGITSEThe Stars Group Inc69.9487182018-6-22YTD
NEPTTSENeptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc69.9324322018-6-22YTD
AYMTSEAtalaya Mining PLC69.8412702018-6-22YTD
TMQTSETrilogy Metals Inc69.0647482018-6-22YTD
TGLTSETransGlobe Energy Corp67.3684212018-6-22YTD
PTSTSEPoints International Ltd65.6153852018-6-22YTD
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
TESTTSXFluroTech Ltd3500.0000002018-6-22YTD
WOD.HTSXWoden Venture Capital Corp800.0000002018-6-22YTD
LVWLTSXLiveWell Canada Inc776.1904762018-6-22YTD
NMITSXNamibia Critical Metals Inc737.5000002018-6-22YTD
DELXTSXDelphx Capital Markets Inc575.0000002018-6-22YTD
CCCTSXCornerstone Metals Inc568.1818182018-6-22YTD
XIATSXXiana Mining Inc533.3333332018-6-22YTD
PKC.HTSXPacific Link Mining Corp520.0000002018-6-22YTD
TLD.HTSXTriangle Industries Ltd500.0000002018-6-22YTD
MOE.HTSXMetropolitan Energy Corp500.0000002018-6-22YTD
AAXTSXAdvance Gold Corp400.0000002018-6-22YTD
ALZTSXAldershot Resources Ltd371.4285712018-6-22YTD
AXMTSXAXMIN Inc366.6666672018-6-22YTD
EVMTSXEvrim Resources Corp364.0000002018-6-22YTD
NEMTSXNew Era Minerals Inc350.0000002018-6-22YTD
PAV.HTSXPacific Arc Resources Ltd337.5000002018-6-22YTD
AM.HTSXHLS Therapeutics Inc304.1666672018-6-22YTD
ICOTSXiCo Therapeutics Inc300.0000002018-6-22YTD
GVYTSXGreen Valley Mine Inc277.7777782018-6-22YTD
RRLTSXRelentless Resources Ltd270.0000002018-6-22YTD
EBMTSXEastwood Bio-Medical Canada Inc266.6666672018-6-22YTD
AUR.HTSXAurora Royalties Inc240.0000002018-6-22YTD
ICAUTSXInternational Gold and Metals Ltd227.2727272018-6-22YTD
POGTSXPerisson Petroleum Corp218.1818182018-6-22YTD
COBCTSXCobalt Blockchain Inc217.6470592018-6-22YTD
  • NYS
  • NAS
  • ASE
  • TSE
  • TSX
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
ANWNYSAegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc-82.0953492018-6-22YTD
LKMNYSLink Motion Inc-73.8805972018-6-22YTD
JONENYSJones Energy Inc-70.9090912018-6-22YTD
NETSNYSNetshoes (Cayman) Ltd-67.2151902018-6-22YTD
PKDNYSParker Drilling Co-66.4900002018-6-22YTD
RRTSNYSRoadrunner Transportation Systems Inc-65.8884572018-6-22YTD
QTMNYSQuantum Corp-63.4103022018-6-22YTD
HZNNYSHorizon Global Corp-55.7774612018-6-22YTD
XRFNYSChina Rapid Finance Ltd-55.0699302018-6-22YTD
NAPNYSNavios Maritime Midstream Partners LP-54.0178572018-6-22YTD
BRFSNYSBRF SA-53.7300182018-6-22YTD
BHNYSBiglari Holdings Inc-53.2504832018-6-22YTD
DMNYSDominion Energy Midstream Partners LP-52.0459772018-6-22YTD
SUPVNYSGrupo Supervielle SA-51.8780932018-6-22YTD
REVGNYSREV Group Inc-50.6609282018-6-22YTD
HOVNYSHovnanian Enterprises Inc-48.9552242018-6-22YTD
CLWNYSClearwater Paper Corp-48.0176212018-6-22YTD
BASNYSBasic Energy Services Inc-47.9761402018-6-22YTD
YRDNYSYirendai Ltd-47.9645212018-6-22YTD
TCPNYSTC Pipelines LP-46.9491532018-6-22YTD
HGTNYSHugoton Royalty Trust-46.4820712018-6-22YTD
GFANYSGafisa SA-45.8959982018-6-22YTD
CELNYSCellcom Israel Ltd-45.6830792018-6-22YTD
MFGPNYSMicro Focus International PLC-45.6207202018-6-22YTD
UGPNYSUltrapar Participacoes SA-45.2019362018-6-22YTD
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
TNTRNASTintri Inc-96.5215692018-6-22YTD
HMNYNASHelios and Matheson Analytics Inc-95.0301112018-6-22YTD
NVCNNASNeovasc Inc-92.8500002018-6-22YTD
MNGANASMagneGas Corp-92.3957952018-6-22YTD
NVIVNASInVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp-90.5974032018-6-22YTD
RSLSNASReshape Lifesciences Inc-89.6846332018-6-22YTD
EDGENASEdge Therapeutics Inc-88.3671292018-6-22YTD
OHRPNASOhr Pharmaceutical Inc-88.1774192018-6-22YTD
EARSNASAuris Medical Holding AG-86.6215072018-6-22YTD
AYTUNASAytu BioScience Inc-85.9865472018-6-22YTD
KOOLNASCesca Therapeutics Inc-85.4233332018-6-22YTD
ANTHNASAnthera Pharmaceuticals Inc-83.1272732018-6-22YTD
CLDXNASCelldex Therapeutics Inc-81.6443662018-6-22YTD
ANYNASSphere 3D Corp-80.0813012018-6-22YTD
AGRXNASAgile Therapeutics Inc-78.8104092018-6-22YTD
TROVNASTrovaGene Inc-78.0488642018-6-22YTD
AVGRNASAvinger Inc-78.0219782018-6-22YTD
ASCMANASAscent Capital Group Inc-77.9808532018-6-22YTD
APRINASApricus Biosciences Inc-77.8244572018-6-22YTD
UPLNASUltra Petroleum Corp-76.6004422018-6-22YTD
RIOTNASRiot Blockchain Inc-75.7746482018-6-22YTD
ARDMNASAradigm Corp-75.0895522018-6-22YTD
IZEANASIZEA Inc-75.0132742018-6-22YTD
VTVTNASvTv Therapeutics Inc-73.8768722018-6-22YTD
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
CEIASECamber Energy Inc-92.1440262018-6-22YTD
DPWASEDPW Holdings Inc-81.3084112018-6-22YTD
NSPRASEInspireMD Inc-80.2294892018-6-22YTD
NAKASENorthern Dynasty Minerals Ltd-68.9265542018-6-22YTD
YUMAASEYuma Energy Inc-67.4828772018-6-22YTD
PLGASEPlatinum Group Metals Ltd-67.1052632018-6-22YTD
GSATASEGlobalstar Inc-64.3893132018-6-22YTD
ALOASEAlio Gold Inc-62.3978202018-6-22YTD
UAVSASEAgEagle Aerial Systems Inc-61.3400002018-6-22YTD
MTNBASEMatinas BioPharma Holdings Inc-59.4137932018-6-22YTD
NNVCASENanoviricides Inc-59.0955572018-6-22YTD
TISASEOrchids Paper Products Co-58.6718752018-6-22YTD
SYNASESynthetic Biologics Inc-56.6929132018-6-22YTD
CRMDASECormedix Inc-53.1274902018-6-22YTD
TGBASETaseko Mines Ltd-51.5021462018-6-22YTD
IBIOASEiBio Inc-50.9937892018-6-22YTD
GSTASEGastar Exploration Inc-50.4285712018-6-22YTD
GLOWASEGlowpoint Inc-48.5083332018-6-22YTD
MOCASECommand Security Corp-48.2084692018-6-22YTD
AMPEASEAmpio Pharmaceuticals Inc-46.9287472018-6-22YTD
IGCASEIndia Globalization Capital Inc-46.0560002018-6-22YTD
NESASENuverra Environmental Solutions Inc-40.0440042018-6-22YTD
VIIASEVicon Industries Inc-37.4750002018-6-22YTD
MLSSASEMilestone Scientific Inc-37.3412362018-6-22YTD
NGDASENew Gold Inc-37.0820672018-6-22YTD
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
NVCNTSENeovasc Inc-92.0000002018-6-22YTD
LXRTSELXRandCo Inc-82.6666672018-6-22YTD
URTSEUrtheCast Corp-77.6785712018-6-22YTD
OMITSEOrosur Mining Inc-77.5000002018-6-22YTD
AEFTSEAcasta Enterprises Inc-75.7929882018-6-22YTD
ARZTSEAralez Pharmaceuticals Inc-70.9497212018-6-22YTD
NDMTSENorthern Dynasty Minerals Ltd-68.3035712018-6-22YTD
BARTSEBalmoral Resources Ltd-66.3636362018-6-22YTD
CGTTSEColumbus Gold Corp-65.3846152018-6-22YTD
PTMTSEPlatinum Group Metals Ltd-64.4736842018-6-22YTD
GENTSEGeneNews Ltd-64.4444442018-6-22YTD
CXRTSEConcordia International Corp-64.0243902018-6-22YTD
NPSTSENorthern Power Systems Corp-62.1621622018-6-22YTD
TOSTSETSO3 Inc-61.6858242018-6-22YTD
NMXTSENemaska Lithium Inc-60.8510642018-6-22YTD
ALOTSEAlio Gold Inc-59.7402602018-6-22YTD
SEVTSESpectra7 Microsystems Inc-56.8965522018-6-22YTD
PMTTSEPerpetual Energy Inc-56.3636362018-6-22YTD
EFLTSEElectrovaya Inc-54.6875002018-6-22YTD
PLITSEPrometic Life Sciences Inc-53.8461542018-6-22YTD
PRKTSEPotash Ridge Corp-53.8461542018-6-22YTD
FTTSEFortune Minerals Ltd-52.5423732018-6-22YTD
RTGTSERTG Mining Inc-52.0833332018-6-22YTD
XAUTSEGoldMoney Inc-50.8771932018-6-22YTD
RTSERed Eagle Mining Corp-50.0000002018-6-22YTD
SymbolExchangeStandard NameTotal ReturnAs Of DatePeriod
NNATSXNew Nadina Explorations Ltd-95.4545452018-6-22YTD
KASHTSXHashChain Technology Inc-91.7460322018-6-22YTD
GAMETSXMillennial ESports Corp-86.6279072018-6-22YTD
RNPTSXRoyalty North Partners Ltd-85.5555562018-6-22YTD
BANCTSXBankers Cobalt Corp-85.5421692018-6-22YTD
AISTSXA I S Resources Ltd-85.4700852018-6-22YTD
STMPTSXStamper Oil & Gas Corp-85.2941182018-6-22YTD
CNA.HTSXCanAsia Financial Inc-84.6153852018-6-22YTD
SGXTSXSage Gold Inc-84.3750002018-6-22YTD
DBD.HTSXDarien Business Development Corp-84.2105262018-6-22YTD
TCITSXCBi2 Capital Corp-84.0624752018-6-22YTD
DLCTSXDLC Holdings Corp-80.0000002018-6-22YTD
HIVETSXHIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd-79.5918372018-6-22YTD
RSVTSXResolve Ventures Inc-79.1666092018-6-22YTD
MPTTSXMidpoint Holdings Ltd-78.6885252018-6-22YTD
ZNC.HTSXZincore Metals Inc-78.3333332018-6-22YTD
PNOTSXPentaNova Energy Corp-77.9220782018-6-22YTD
DVC.HTSXDevin Energy Corp-77.7777782018-6-22YTD
TTO.HTSXAtoro Capital Corp-77.5000002018-6-22YTD
RTMTSXRT Minerals Corp-77.0000002018-6-22YTD
TACTSXTasca Resources Ltd-76.5625002018-6-22YTD
CPTOTSXCryptoGlobal Corp-75.8760792018-6-22YTD
FLGCTSXFanlogic Interactive Inc-75.6097562018-6-22YTD
CYXTSXCalyx Ventures Inc-75.4385962018-6-22YTD
IDTSXIdentillect Technologies Corp-75.4098362018-6-22YTD
  • NYS
  • NAS
  • ASE
  • TSE
  • TSX
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
NVRNYSNVR Inc2018-6-2120183065.5100003450.0000USD1
BAPNYSCredicorp Ltd2018-6-212018219.850000536.4750USD2
MKLNYSMarkel Corp2018-6-2120181101.2400001250.0000USD1
BLKNYSBlackRock Inc2018-6-212018524.980000625.5000USD4
AZONYSAutoZone Inc2018-6-212019688.500000781.2500USD4
MHKNYSMohawk Industries Inc2018-6-212018210.910000278.6000USD5
AMGNYSAffiliated Managers Group Inc2018-6-212018153.430000216.0000USD3
PXDNYSPioneer Natural Resources Co2018-6-212018178.020000239.9143USD7
WHRNYSWhirlpool Corp2018-6-212018143.980000204.6667USD3
LMTNYSLockheed Martin Corp2018-6-212018300.380000360.7500USD4
DENYSDeere & Co2018-6-212018142.010000200.7500USD4
SWKNYSStanley Black & Decker Inc2018-6-212018133.600000190.0000USD3
NOCNYSNorthrop Grumman Corp2018-6-212018313.450000369.6667USD3
BANYSBoeing Co2018-6-212018337.660000393.2857USD7
URINYSUnited Rentals Inc2018-6-212018153.180000208.3333USD3
BIO.BNYSBio-Rad Laboratories Inc2018-6-212018296.200000350.0000USD1
THONYSThor Industries Inc2018-6-212019104.850000158.5000USD2
ROPNYSRoper Technologies Inc2018-6-212018276.120000327.0000USD2
BIONYSBio-Rad Laboratories Inc2018-6-212018299.840000350.0000USD1
CATNYSCaterpillar Inc2018-6-212018139.530000188.0000USD5
WBCNYSWABCO Holdings Inc2018-6-212018117.570000166.0000USD1
FDXNYSFedEx Corp2018-6-212019246.720000295.0000USD5
PHNYSParker Hannifin Corp2018-6-212019158.500000206.0000USD2
GDNYSGeneral Dynamics Corp2018-6-212018188.430000235.7500USD4
SHWNYSSherwin-Williams Co2018-6-212018395.380000441.8571USD7
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
BKNGNASBooking Holdings Inc2018-6-2120182122.4900002338.3330USD6 Inc2018-6-2120181730.2200001861.7270USD11
CHTRNASCharter Communications Inc2018-6-212018291.860000409.5000USD4
GOOGNASAlphabet Inc2018-6-2120181157.6600001251.8180USD11
EQIXNASEquinix Inc2018-6-212018419.000000513.0000USD5
MELINASMercadoLibre Inc2018-6-212018287.370000380.0000USD1
LRCXNASLam Research Corp2018-6-212019176.050000263.2857USD7
GOOGLNASAlphabet Inc2018-6-2120181169.4400001251.8180USD11
COHRNASCoherent Inc2018-6-212019155.360000227.6667USD3
SINANASSINA Corp2018-6-21201888.000000159.0000USD1
ADMSNASAdamas Pharmaceuticals Inc2018-6-21201825.50000091.0000USD1
REGNNASRegeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc2018-6-212018329.040000393.6667USD6 Inc2018-6-21201836.150000100.0000USD1
ANABNASAnaptysBio Inc2018-6-21201871.550000135.0000USD1
TREENASLendingTree Inc2018-6-212018257.850000319.0000USD6
AMWDNASAmerican Woodmark Corp2018-6-21201996.000000156.0000USD1
BGNENASBeiGene Ltd2018-6-212018168.290000227.6000USD2
SAGENASSage Therapeutics Inc2018-6-212018161.240000220.0000USD1
AVGONASBroadcom Inc2018-6-212018259.650000318.3333USD12
SHPGNASShire PLC2018-6-212018162.400000214.4030USD4
ALBONASAlbireo Pharma Inc2018-6-21201836.03000086.0000USD1
WBNASWeibo Corp2018-6-21201898.650000148.0000USD1
OLEDNASUniversal Display Corp2018-6-21201886.750000135.2500USD4
RGLDNASRoyal Gold Inc2018-6-21201990.350000135.5014CAD2
CELGNASCelgene Corp2018-6-21201879.140000124.2857USD7
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
FTNWASEFTE Networks Inc2018-6-21201820.25000035.0000USD1
RNNASERexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc2018-6-2120181.54000016.2500USD2
MAGASEMAG Silver Corp2018-6-21201811.03000022.3733CAD8
GDPASEGoodrich Petroleum Corp2018-6-21201812.67000023.0000USD1
REIASERing Energy Inc2018-6-21201811.93000022.0000USD1
ASTASEAsterias Biotherapeutics Inc2018-6-2120181.75000011.0000USD1
CANFASECan Fite Biofarma Ltd2018-6-2120181.2800008.0000USD1
MYOASEMyomo Inc2018-6-2120182.9800009.5000USD2
ACUASEAcme United Corp2018-6-21201821.60330027.1250USD2
DLAASEDelta Apparel Inc2018-6-21201918.57000024.0000USD1
APHBASEAmpliphi Biosciences Corp2018-6-2120181.2300006.0000USD1
USASASEAmericas Silver Corp2018-6-2120183.1300007.8333CAD3
PTNASEPalatin Technologies Inc2018-6-2120190.9400005.5000USD2
PLXASEProtalix BioTherapeutics Inc2018-6-2120180.4570005.0000USD1
BGSFASEBG Staffing Inc2018-6-21201821.31000025.7500USD2
UUUUASEEnergy Fuels Inc2018-6-2120182.1000006.2728CAD1
SANDASESandstorm Gold Ltd2018-6-2120184.4800008.4327CAD10
ALOASEAlio Gold Inc2018-6-2120181.3300005.2750CAD8
VNRXASEVolitionRX Ltd2018-6-2120182.2200006.0000USD3
MTNBASEMatinas BioPharma Holdings Inc2018-6-2120180.4970004.0000USD1
RLGTASERadiant Logistics Inc2018-6-2120194.0200007.5000USD2
NGASENovagold Resources Inc2018-6-2120184.6000008.0000CAD1
ATNMASEActinium Pharmaceuticals Inc2018-6-2120180.6720004.0000USD3
CQHASECheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings LLC2018-6-21201831.78000035.0000USD1
SNMPASESanchez Midstream Partners LP2018-6-21201811.85000015.0000USD1
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
MRCTSEMorguard Corp2018-6-212018165.680000205.0000CAD2
CGOTSECogeco Inc2018-6-21201960.43000086.5000CAD2
LNRTSELinamar Corp2018-6-21201860.04000085.6667CAD6
MAXRTSEMaxar Technologies Ltd2018-6-21201865.80000084.5864CAD9
PBHTSEPremium Brands Holdings Corp2018-6-212018114.800000133.2222CAD9
WFTTSEWest Fraser Timber Co.Ltd2018-6-21201884.350000102.6667CAD6
CTC.ATSECanadian Tire Corp Ltd2018-6-212018173.390000191.5556CAD9
CCATSECogeco Communications Inc2018-6-21201966.56000083.7778CAD9
WNTSEGeorge Weston Ltd2018-6-212018105.950000122.2500CAD4
CMTSECanadian Imperial Bank of Commerce2018-6-212018116.830000131.5000CAD10
ONCTSEOncolytics Biotech Inc2018-6-2120187.73000022.2500CAD4
SEATSESeabridge Gold Inc2018-6-21201814.81000029.0000CAD1
CNQTSECanadian Natural Resources Ltd2018-6-21201841.94000055.4667CAD15
IFCTSEIntact Financial Corp2018-6-21201895.390000108.6250CAD12
ENBTSEEnbridge Inc2018-6-21201841.59000054.6000CAD10
BNSTSEBank of Nova Scotia2018-6-21201876.80000088.7273CAD11
IAGTSEIndustrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc2018-6-21201851.88000063.6667CAD9
APHTSEAphria Inc2018-6-21201913.11000024.7083CAD6
FIH.UTSEFairfax India Holdings Corp2018-6-21201817.15000028.4236CAD2
EQBTSEEquitable Group Inc2018-6-21201858.90000070.0000CAD8
CPTSECanadian Pacific Railway Ltd2018-6-212018247.750000258.8072CAD13
SNCTSESNC-Lavalin Group Inc2018-6-21201859.85000070.6818CAD11
TRPTSETransCanada Corp2018-6-21201857.56000068.3333CAD9
LTSELoblaw Companies Ltd2018-6-21201867.38000078.1250CAD8
TECK.BTSETeck Resources Ltd2018-6-21201834.51000045.1000CAD10
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
KBLTTSXCobalt 27 Capital Corp2018-6-2120189.62000016.3167CAD6
AM.HTSXHLS Therapeutics Inc2018-6-2120189.70000014.5000CAD1
HUTTSXHut 8 Mining Corp2018-6-2120183.2500007.8500CAD1
PEATSXPieridae Energy Ltd2018-6-2120184.3800008.5000CAD1
SYZTSXSylogist Ltd2018-6-21201912.47000016.0000CAD1
KUUTSXKuuHubb Inc2018-6-2120190.7000004.0000CAD1
MPHTSXMedicure Inc2018-6-2120187.40000010.5000CAD2
TLGTSXTroilus Gold Corp2018-6-2120181.2500003.8375CAD4
FILTSXFilo Mining Corp2018-6-2120182.2000004.7000CAD3
HIVETSXHIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd2018-6-2120190.7600003.0750CAD2
CBXTSXCortex Business Solutions Inc2018-6-2120194.1100006.3667CAD3
RXTSXBiosyent Inc2018-6-2120189.50000011.7500CAD2
PRNTSXProfound Medical Corp2018-6-2120181.0200003.0875CAD4
ACSTTSXAcasti Pharma Inc2018-6-2120190.9800003.0000CAD2
POETSXPan Orient Energy Corp2018-6-2120181.2400003.2500CAD1
LLGTSXMason Graphite Inc2018-6-2120191.3400003.3375CAD4
SJR.ATSXShaw Communications Inc2018-6-21201927.90000029.8750CAD10
CKGTSXChesapeake Gold Corp2018-6-2120182.0400004.0000CAD1
BLNTSXBlackline Safety Corp2018-6-2120185.7500007.6667CAD3
RPTSXRepliCel Life Sciences Inc2018-6-2120180.3500002.1500CAD1
XLYTSXAuxly Cannabis Group Inc2018-6-2120181.3300003.0000CAD1
GENETSXInvictus MD Strategies Corp2018-6-2120181.7700003.3000CAD2
BSRTSXBluestone Resources Inc2018-6-2120181.3700002.9000CAD3
NLCTSXNeo Lithium Corp2018-6-2120181.3300002.8333CAD3
HVTTSXHarvest One Cannabis Inc2018-6-2120190.7800002.2500CAD2
  • NYS
  • NAS
  • ASE
  • TSE
  • TSX
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
SAMNYSBoston Beer Co Inc2018-6-212018293.750000176.5000USD2
CMGNYSChipotle Mexican Grill Inc2018-6-212018463.160000375.0000USD5
GWWNYSW.W. Grainger Inc2018-6-212018313.180000265.2000USD5
WSTNYSWest Pharmaceutical Services Inc2018-6-212018100.92000060.0000USD1
DDSNYSDillard's Inc2018-6-21201997.51000062.0000USD1
WWENYSWorld Wrestling Entertainment Inc2018-6-21201866.54000040.0000USD1
WNYSWayfair Inc2018-6-212018114.28000089.2500USD4
TFXNYSTeleflex Inc2018-6-212018279.570000255.0000USD1
DPZNYSDomino's Pizza Inc2018-6-212018290.760000266.2500USD4
MSGNYSThe Madison Square Garden Co2018-6-212019278.660000256.0000USD1
RHINYSRobert Half International Inc2018-6-21201869.53000048.0000USD1
USNANYSUsana Health Sciences Inc2018-6-212018115.80000095.0000USD1
SIGNYSSignet Jewelers Ltd2018-6-21201958.25000039.0000USD2
ALVNYSAutoliv Inc2018-6-212018151.860000133.5000USD6
GHLNYSGreenhill & Co Inc2018-6-21201829.00000011.0000USD1
FDSNYSFactSet Research Systems Inc2018-6-212019213.030000195.2500USD4
TIFNYSTiffany & Co2018-6-212019135.000000119.0000USD5
ELLINYSEllie Mae Inc2018-6-212018110.59000095.0000USD4
SHAKNYSShake Shack Inc2018-6-21201869.00000054.0000USD1
AWRNYSAmerican States Water Co2018-6-21201857.59000043.0000USD1
SITENYSSiteOne Landscape Supply Inc2018-6-21201892.03000078.6667USD3
CKHNYSSEACOR Holdings Inc2018-6-21201856.23000043.0000USD1
TYLNYSTyler Technologies Inc2018-6-212018234.540000221.6667USD3
THSNYSTreehouse Foods Inc2018-6-21201853.69000041.0000USD2
AVANYSAvista Corp2018-6-21201852.64000040.0000USD1
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
ATRINASAtrion Corp2018-6-212018603.200000300.0000USD1
NFLXNASNetflix Inc2018-6-212018415.440000335.9000USD10
TSLANASTesla Inc2018-6-212018347.510000278.4000USD5
CACCNASCredit Acceptance Corp2018-6-212018368.780000303.3333USD3
LOXONASLoxo Oncology Inc2018-6-212018183.550000122.0000USD1
LGNDNASLigand Pharmaceuticals Inc2018-6-212018199.650000157.6667USD3
ALGNNASAlign Technology Inc2018-6-212018359.600000321.2500USD4
AMNBNASAmerican National Bankshares Inc2018-6-21201842.30000010.0000USD1
ISRGNASIntuitive Surgical Inc2018-6-212018487.080000458.7500USD4
ANSSNASAnsys Inc2018-6-212018181.900000158.5000USD2
IEPNASIcahn Enterprises LP2018-6-21201871.32000049.0000USD1
FFIVNASF5 Networks Inc2018-6-212019180.200000158.5000USD4
MKTXNASMarketAxess Holdings Inc2018-6-212018211.690000190.0000USD1
NEOGNASNeogen Corp2018-6-21201983.69000062.0000USD1
FIZZNASNational Beverage Corp2018-6-212019110.87000090.0000USD1
LIVNNASLivaNova PLC2018-6-212018103.28000083.0000USD1
UBNTNASUbiquiti Networks Inc2018-6-21201986.08000066.5000USD2
INTUNASIntuit Inc2018-6-212019209.800000193.2857USD7
LULUNASLululemon Athletica Inc2018-6-212019127.710000113.2857USD7
BCPCNASBalchem Corp2018-6-21201899.23000085.0000USD1
IRBTNASiRobot Corp2018-6-21201877.14000063.0000USD1
QLYSNASQualys Inc2018-6-21201894.80000081.0000USD2
TTDNASThe Trade Desk Inc2018-6-21201891.54000078.0000USD2
SRPTNASSarepta Therapeutics Inc2018-6-212018149.650000136.7500USD4
NAVGNASNavigators Group Inc2018-6-21201857.70000045.0000USD1
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
FSIASEFlexible Solutions International Inc2018-6-2120181.6700001.2500USD1
CQPASECheniere Energy Partners LP2018-6-21201836.25000036.0000USD2
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
CTCTSECanadian Tire Corp Ltd2018-6-212018254.850000191.5556CAD9
WEEDTSECanopy Growth Corp2018-6-21201947.76000033.9286CAD7
LAS.ATSELassonde Industries Inc2018-6-212018288.780000282.5000CAD2
WSPTSEWSP Global Inc2018-6-21201872.05000069.7000CAD10
ACBTSEAurora Cannabis Inc2018-6-21201910.4700008.5000CAD3
CAR.UNTSECanadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust2018-6-21201843.10000041.2292CAD12
HBCTSEHudson's Bay Co2018-6-21201811.87000010.4167CAD6
SRV.UNTSESIR Royalty Income Fund2018-6-21201815.32000014.0000CAD1
CRONTSECronos Group Inc2018-6-21201810.2100009.0000CAD5
MKPTSEMCAN Mortgage Corp2018-6-21201818.05000017.0000CAD1
IMOTSEImperial Oil Ltd2018-6-21201842.90000042.0000CAD12
MSITSEMorneau Shepell Inc2018-6-21201827.51000026.6500CAD5
PNC.BTSEPostmedia Network Canada Corp2018-6-2120191.0000000.2000CAD1
PNC.ATSEPostmedia Network Canada Corp2018-6-2120190.9800000.2000CAD1
FNTSEFirst National Financial Corp2018-6-21201828.60000027.9000CAD5
CCOTSECameco Corp2018-6-21201814.76000014.1944CAD9
GHTSEGamehost Inc2018-6-21201811.90000011.4000CAD1
CBLTSECallidus Capital Corp2018-6-2120185.4700005.0000CAD1
BDITSEBlack Diamond Group Ltd2018-6-2120183.7000003.2364CAD11
CFXTSECanfor Pulp Products Inc2018-6-21201822.96000022.5500CAD5
SIITSESprott Inc2018-6-2120183.1600002.9000CAD5
MEGTSEMEG Energy Corp2018-6-2120189.7500009.5000CAD11
TSGITSEThe Stars Group Inc2018-6-21201851.74000051.5000CAD4
AITSEAtrium Mortgage Investment Corp2018-6-21201812.95000012.7500CAD2
GVCTSEGlacier Media Inc2018-6-2120180.8000000.6500CAD1
SymbolExchangeStandard NameAs Of DateTarget YearClose PriceTarget Price MeanCurrency IdTarget Price # Of Estimates
PNE.RTSXPine Cliff Energy Ltd2018-6-2120180.9200000.4577CAD13
INPTSXInput Capital Corp2018-6-2120191.2000001.1900CAD1
SCRTSXTheScore Inc2018-6-2120190.3100000.3000CAD2
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This website is designed to be accessed through its principal home page and such other pages as we may decide. If you access the site through individual pages directly, which are not designed for this purpose, you may not see important information which is relevant to a full understanding of our products and services. In addition to this important Information, you will be referred on certain site pages to read or view help, tutorials or instructional video or other related instructional material. These may contain important product details and relevant legal or regulatory information and must be read or viewed together with the relevant site pages.

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Case examples, video instruction, tutorials, help menus, sample calculations, definitions and all other related information ("the instructional material") are for illustrative purposes only. They are not intended to reflect, nor should they be interpreted, as an indication of future values or returns on investment and are not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. Video instruction is solely made available to assist the user in navigation and understanding of the website. Patchell Brook Equity Analytics Inc. nor the other providers of data on this website make any representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness, or fitness for any purpose or use of the instructional material provided. The instructional materials are not intended to be, or construed as, financial, tax or investment advice

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