StockCalc wants to help you navigate these markets. For free.

Navigating markets during these volatile times can be complicated. Our advisors are reaching out to us and using our platform more than ever. We can help you help your clients. And during this volatile time we are giving back to the advisor community with 3 free months of access.

StockCalc is a fundamental valuation platform that values all North American Equities and ETFs on a daily basis. It allows you to:

  • Link StockCalc to your client holdings to see what stocks and ETFs are under or overvalued right now
  • Modify parameters like growth rate, tax rate, and WACC while running sensitivity analysis across six valuation models
  • Filter on sector, industry and, ratios to identify stocks that fit your criteria

Know the value (not just the price) of your client’s holdings each day.

  • 8000 Stocks valued each night
  • Fully API’ed and a Programming Language
  • 800 ETFS, 150 industries valued each week
  • Detailed Valuation Reports
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